Crítica: A lenda do Golem (The Golem)

The story so far: During an outbtreak of the plague, a jewish settlement is held under the rule of supertitious men from another village. Only a woman speaks against the commom believe that a non-violent approach is the best one. In order to save her loved ones, she defies the elders and creates a protector…

Todos Já Sabem ( Todos lo Saben – original title- Everybody Knows)

The story so far: Laura, her daughter Irene and son Diego, are attending a family marriage in Spain, their mother’s birthplace. The party, the dance and the family reunion comes to a sudden end when  a tragedy takes place. Ins a small town, such event will shatter some friendships and unveil a dark family secret….

Crítica: Vidro (Glass 2019)

The story so far: following the events on Split, David Dunn – The Overseer – a man with great strength and stamina tries to carry on with his life and work, that includes facing criminals and street punks. While dealing with the small fishes, Dunn is following The Beast, a very dangerous criminal, in order…

Crítica:Legalize Já- A amizade nunca morre (brasilian movie)

The story so far: During the 90’s in Brasil an economic crisis hits the country hard. The president faces an impeachment action but the people were numb due to a lack of political background after 20 years of a dictatorship. In the streets of Rio de Janeiro’s suburbs a new breed of brasilian teens grows…

Crítica:Escobar-A traição (Loving Pablo).

The story so far: The rise and fall of Pablo Escobar; from poor working class man to a major drug lord.   Sinopse Um filme sobre a ascensão e queda de Pablo Escobar um dos maiores traficantes do mundo. Crítica. Um filme que transita entre o drama e o policial de forma eficiente. Sem pesar…

Trailer: Beautiful Boy

A drama about a father whose lost his son not for the drugs or because he was abusive but because he care a lot to a point the boy lost it’s identity

Trailer: Peppermint

When i was fourteen i talked back to my mother once; my father looked at me and said: “Big mistake bro, she owens you now….” I spent the nesxt 10 years doing the dishes