Trailer: The man who killed Don Quixote (2018)

Don Quixote was the first adult book i read. I was boring as hell for a 12 years old boy from Beazil. Each chapter was painful to finish but by the end of the book i was dreaming about giants and grand adventures.

Trailer: Pitch perfect 3 (a escolha perfeita 3)

A kick ass group of…not man??? The first pitch perfect is a personal favorite. Me and my daughter used to sing all their songs….now out of the blue Im not a cool dad anymore and im also not allow near the poneys

Trailer: Landline

Every parent in the world love their kids…to the point of going crazy

Teaser: Black Panther (Pantera Negra – subs in portuguese br)

The teaser is finaly out. The Warrior King of Wakanda and the first african american super hero hits the movies in a possible epic Marvel way. It may be a little lighter then the teaser suggest ‘cos it plays right into the Marvel fan base. Things you can see – Coisas importantes para notar. 1-…