Crítica: A Freira. (The Nun)

The story so far: A priest with experience with demon possession and a novice with connections to a powerful archbishop join forces to uncover the misteries of an ancient abbey in Romania just after world war II.   Sinopse Um padre com experiência em combater possessões demoníacas e uma noviça conectada a um poderoso arcebispo…

Teaser: Glass.

M. Night Shyamalan is a mistery, Capable of great movies and movies that are so bad that you wish to unsee it. But i’m betting Glass will be a masterpice.

Crítica: American Satan (2018)

The story so far: Live fast and die young….this age old saying may very well describe the members of THE RELENTLESS a goth metal band that’s looking for a clean break;that one gig that would make the band a legend. They are willing to sell their souls to the Devil, the most iconic thing a…

Trailer: Cold Skin

This might be good. A little terror, a little conflict….and maybe a good script because one of the writers is Jesus Olmo!!

Crítica: A noiva (Nevesta 2017)

The story so far: After his wife pass away, the reclusive photographer Barin relies on an ancient lore to trap her soul at a negative. This ritual will forever haunt his family and will ruin the lives of every one around the family. Sinopse. Após os eventos de Mundo Sombrio e A era de Ultron,…