Crítica: Os Empatas (Blockers)

The story so far: Prom night is something to remember and Julie, Kayla and Sam just added a sex pact to make it even more memorable. The only problem is that their parents are set to block from happening. Sinopse A noite do baile de formatura é especial e Sam, Julie e Kayla estão planejando…

Crítica: Father of the Year.

The story so far: Ben is a good student and after graduation, he is heading for the job he always dream doing. But before he closes the deal, he will take some time off at his hometown where Wayne, his father lives. In order to avoid Wayne, Ben stays at his best friend house. But…

Teaser: Glass.

M. Night Shyamalan is a mistery, Capable of great movies and movies that are so bad that you wish to unsee it. But i’m betting Glass will be a masterpice.

Crítica: Tio Drew (Uncle Drew)

The story so far: Dax picked up the short straw in life, when it comes to success, social skills and love. But if there is one thing he knows is basketball. So when a famous championship is right around the corner, he invest everything he got just to loose it all. But he is tired…

Trailer: Overlord

The beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. I would love to hear from a very good follower Mr Gp Cox at a blog you should follow if you like WWII.

Trailer: Welcome to Marwen

Memories are a big part of what we are. You may forgett things and imagine things, but can not be a fantasy